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Free online assessment
Please note: We only buy well-maintained Harleys.
Commission sale/on behalf of a customer is also possible. 


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1.) How does the evaluation and the motorcycle purchase work?

Immediately after the transmission of the complete data, we will contact you within a very short time and make an offer based on the information available. However, the offered amount will only be transferred to you after the vehicle has been checked in our workshop.

2.) Am I entering into a binding contract with the review?

No, our purchase offer is non-binding and valid for 7 days and expires if not used. The offer only becomes binding if it is accepted in writing within 7 days.

3.) Are there any costs involved in requesting an evaluation?

No, the evaluation of your vehicle is completely free of charge for you, and we will also take over the deregistration of your vehicle. In the event of incorrect information, which leads to damage for us or third parties, any costs must be compensated.

4.) What papers and documents do I need when handing over the vehicle?

Registration certificate I+II, the vehicle manual, any invoices and receipts for conversion work, maintenance records and checkbook, last general inspection certificate and the existing vehicle keys.

5.) Can I also offer accident machines or 1HD (US import) vehicles?

In principle, you can offer any vehicle. Accident machines and US imports are also checked by us and rated accordingly.

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